The proposals mean that the benefits you build up and/or contributions you pay after 1 April 2022 may change. How they might change depends on a number of different things, like your salary now and in future, when you choose to retire, and economic factors such as inflation.

To help you see how your benefits and contributions to USS could change as a result of the proposals, a tool has been provided which you can access below.

Please note:

  • In most cases if you are already a USS member you will simply be able to log in to the modeller – you need your USS member number (see Supporting Information for help on finding that) to log in. It will then be pre-populated with your basic USS data as at 31 March 2021. (Please note that for a very small number of members, for example those who haven't received a 2021 benefit statement or who are very new members of USS, it may not be possible to login in this way, and you will need to follow the non-USS member approach – see below).
  • If you are not a USS member, or if you have not received a 2021 benefit statement, a modeller is now available for you to use. You will need to register first and then you can access the modeller.

Log in to the modeller