Supporting Information

This page contains additional supporting information that will help you understand the proposals and the consultation. It also has a copy of the formal consultation notice you should have received.

All documents on this website can be viewed, downloaded and printed. Also, braille and large print versions of the formal consultation notice are available on request from the person at your workplace who wrote to you with details of the consultation.

If you have any questions then check the FAQs page – the answer may already be there.

If you want any help with the names or terms used, then check the Glossary page.

Useful links

  • Find out more about USS on the USS website.
  • In particular there's more information about what USS provides at Your pension explained.
  • Find out more about the 2020 valuation.
  • Use the modeller to see how your benefits and contributions to USS could change as a result of the proposals. USS have also produced these short videos to show how the proposed changes could affect you if they go ahead.

Consultation materials